TEST ARTIKEL 4 Implementasi Metode TGT (Teams Games Tournament) Dalam Pembelajaran Pendidikan Agama Islam Guna Meningkatkan Keaktifan Siswa Di Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan Al Masruroh Puger


  • alqalam alqalam




The teaching and learning model developed by Robert Slavin is the
Teams Games Tournament, which is a learning method by combining study groups with
team competitions, cant also be use improve learning various concept for skills
(Silberman, 2006). Learning with this method will stimulate students' activeness, because
in Teams Games Tournament all students are required to actively voice their opinions,
both lower group students and upper group student are requiire at works togeether
solving problems given in learning.
The purpose of the implementation or application of the TGT method is none other
than to increase student activity in absorbing and mastering the material presented in the
teacheres on process teaching and learn activiti in Islamic Religious Education subjects at
Al Masruroh Puger Vocational School, so that students do not experience boredom or
boredom in receiving material using only the lecture method, the teams games tournament
method is very appropriate and appropriate in overcoming students who are less active
and are experiencing boredom for the teacher and learner progres.
The author conducted research with a qualitatife aproach and a field study
research methodology which directly observed, interviewed students, and in the
observations the researchers found several changes in students, the first students were
more active, the second students felt happy because they could learn while playing, the
third students can collaborate with friends in solving problems, so that the time in the
teaching and learning process feels less and not boring because all students are involved
in all activities of providing material in class.